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Download The Aptoide Android APK Latest Version Free for Android

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Aptoide is an app store that can replace Google Play, does not require registration, and contains up to 300,000 apps that allow users to download and install automatically. Here, users can download free or charge tons of software and favorite games with high security.

In this Play Store, we can find thousands of shows of all kinds, plus the ability to download them for free as previously noted. In addition, you may have access to applications for Android devices that Google as the Play Store owner has not allowed to be published in its official marketplace. For a variety of reasons, these apps have been rejected on the Play Store, which can be easily found on the alternative market.

Aptoide is also used to test games that do not meet the famous 15-minute limit that Google requires a refund. From Aptoide, we can download all the games and applications we like and play / use them to the extent that we want and if we finally like them, we will be able to buy the session. The full version is available through the Google Official Store.

Because Aptoide is an unofficial app store, it has both a copyright application and a pirated application. So, the first thing you think of this type of alternative market is that they are a source of malware, but do not worry, Aptoide regards security as a top priority when uploading applications and also labeling green next to the name of the official application for your chosen progress.


To download applications in Aptoid is fairly standard procedure like any other App store.

  1. Use the ‘Search box’. Looking for a specific app or tool, then just carry out a quick search and Aptoide filters everything for the user, showing results.
  2. Explore the different categories to find the applications and then download. One can browse the editor’s choice, the most downloaded, the trendiest, the top apps, etc.

On the other side, to upload applications and games to Aptoide

  1. Use ‘Create a store’ option which will allow user to create their own store of apps. By clicking on it, configure the name, theme, and description of the store so that it is publicly visible.
  2. Once the store is created, one has to download Aptoide Uploader. It’s the assistant to upload apps to the store (User can search/find for it in Aptoide as a shortcut). Download and Install it.
  3. This assistant will be associated to user’s store. Select the (any) app on your device and it will take care of extracting the APK to convert it to a format compatible with Aptoide.
  4. Finally, when it is done, go to the Store and Click on Apps. Here user/ uploader can find the application(s) they’ve uploaded to the store on Aptoide.

A Good alternative choice:

If you do not want to download apps from Google Play. Or if your phone model does not support Google Play at all then, Aptoide is your best choice with its enormous data base of apps and games. However, you can also use as an alternative choice.

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Here are some key features of "Aptoide":

  • Get the app for your Android mobile device

Database with many applications

  • Simplicity, speed, efficiency

Simple and intuitive interface

  • Aptoide is easy to use application
  • Support for different languages
  • Manual updates
  • Support for installing, uninstalling, updating, etc

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